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“Design is the silent ambassador of your brand”

Paul Rand – One of the greatest brand designers of our time

Design Capital are a strategic brand development and design agency based in the northern suburbs of Cape Town. We service local and international clients from a range of industries covering a broad spectrum of communication platforms, media and mediums. Our team are dedicated to communicating the essence of a brand to its target audience in a manner that will increase brand awareness and drive sales.

We have been in operation for nearly 5 years but have 20 years industry experience having worked on national and international brands. Design Capital currently have 30 Active Clients.

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The Big Idea

All brands are unique. Even when brands are very close or in the same industry, offering the same product, service or idea, they are still unique. It is our responsibility to extract from a brand that which makes it unique. In essence, a brands ‘uniqueness’ is its ‘dna’, and this DNA becomes the key driver in guiding all forms of visual communication, from the logo to the corporate stationery to the advertising etc. At DesignCapital, we have mastered this art form and science, affording our clients optimal brand communication.


The Full Spectrum

In today’s communication and marketing landscape, brands have to be versatile, dynamic and omnipresent in order to achieve top of mind awareness which ultimately translates to increased market share. They have to be communicating a consistent and cohesive message across printed mediums like corporate stationery, brochure-ware and print advertising as well as on digital platforms like Facebook, Linked in, Instagram and their website. DesignCapital are well equipped and experienced in all of these mediums and platforms, offering our clients a holistic solution for their brand.


The Details

In our fast-paced world, brands do not always take the time to focus on the ‘details’ in their communication. Today’s ‘audience’ are looking for valuable, relevant, insightful and appropriate content. They can no longer be ‘fooled’ by ‘cookie cutter-style’ information, imagery and promises. We believe in creating bespoke design solutions for all our client’s communication needs, be it the logo itself; a business card; a company profile; a simple flyer; the website; a Facebook campaign or a print ad, to name but a few. This is what sets us apart from other agencies.


The Relationship

One of the biggest ‘Gaps in the Market’ is customer service. This is typically hard to find in advertising and design agencies. The reason for this is that creatives inherently struggle to translate their ‘creative vision’ into a measurable, systematic processes and timelines. Another challenge for creatives is to ask the ‘right questions’ BEFORE quoting and commencing with a project. Experience has taught us that a comprehensive ‘needs analysis’ is imperative during the briefing phase of a project. We ask the right questions, extracting essential information from the client, in order to accurately quote and scope a project. This results in the client not over or underspending as well as timeous project completion.


How we can be useful for you

Full Service Agency

With 20 years industry experience, we are thoroughly equipped to service the full spectrum of our clients’ brand and marketing requirements.

Name Creation

Every brand is unique. One of the best first steps a business can take is naming itself appropriately and effectively. This is a science all on its own which we have mastered with many success stories.

Brochures and Corporate Folders

Brochures and corporate folders remain popular and effective sales tools, despite the ever-increasing demand to ‘go digital’. They are very effective in the one-on-one meets, where the ‘leave behind’ plays a huge role in making a sale. People will always enjoy the tactile feel of holding something in their hands and engaging with it. We have done much high-level work in this area and have produced great results for many satisfied clients.

Brand Development

Having the correct name for a business is just the start. Addressing key design building blocks like colour, iconography, composition, relationship and font choice, to name but a few, we set about designing and crafting the brand, until it encapsulates and represents the business in the best possible way.


Today a website has become ‘a must’ for any organisation, big or small. It has become the new ‘shop front’, regardless of what industry you may be in. Your potential client is likely to go to your site to ‘check you out’. We produce affordable, high-level, responsive websites in WordPress, theme-based or custom coded.

Digital Marketing

Marketing your business online has become probably the cheapest and most effective way to spend any marketing budget. Two key ways in which you can market your business online are 1. SEO: which makes your business ‘findable’ online, when people are searching for your services. 2. Digital Marketing: Depending on your business, the most popular and effective channels are Facebook and Instagram. We offer affordable and effective solutions in both.

Corporate Identity

Once a brand has been effectively created, it then sets the tone or DNA for all other visual communication going forward. We then take this ‘Brand DNA’ to create a Corporate Identity Manual. We articulate parameters and guidelines for the logo, fonts, colours, stationery, etc which guide whoever may work on the brand in the future, thereby assuring the brand’s integrity and consistency.



5 Page High-End WordPress Brochure Website including 10 Premium Stock Images
and On-Page SEO

R2375p/m x12



Name Creation / Logo Design / Bus Card / Letterhead / Email Signature

R2416p/m x3


Highly qualified specialists

Gary van Zyl

Creative Director and Managing

E: gary@designcapital.co.za
T: + 27 (021) 974 6196

Gary has been in the Design and Advertising Industry 20 years and has worked on International brands like Aston Martin and McLaren, and National Retail brands like Virgin Mobile, Coricraft and Geen & Richards.


Marina Provornaya

Digital Marketing and Project Management

E: marina@designcapital.co.za
T: +27 (021) 974 6196

Marina acquired international experience in business
development and marketing whilst residing in Moscow and Holland having worked at international companies such as Ritchie Bros Europe, Knight Frank Moscow, Regus Moscow, and Meemo Singapore.


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